The beaches of Tobago are world famous yet quiet, and a joy to explore. Hosts to pirates, colonialists and Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, you can indulge in the Caribbean's quintessential pastime. Below is a list of some of the main beaches.

Englishman's Bay 

Our local beach is regularly rated as one of the best beaches in the world, from CondeNast Traveller Magazine, to The Times and The Telegraph newspapers from the UK. Surrounded by the rainforest, never with more than half a dozen other people, and often with none, this is the perfect quiet, secluded beach. Also well known for snorkeling. 

Pigeon Point

This is the beach that often is used as an example of the best of Caribbean beaches. A postcard perfect setting, with a wide range of watersports to choose from and glass bottom boats that take you to the nearby reef. While this may be more developed than the other beaches in Tobago, with bigger crowds, it's certainly worth a visit.

Another beach local to Tanager Ridge, the beach is the central point of Castara town, where you can buy your fresh vegetables and even fresher fish as the fishermen come in in the morning and afternoon. Also with pool bar on the beach and a flat surface for playing beach cricket.
Tobago has more beaches than you can poke a stick at, some of them easily accessible, some of them only by walking through the rainforest. For a more complete list click on one of the links below.


Also the center point of a local town, smaller than Castara, there is a bar on top of the hill overlooking it where you can get the stunning view shown below. Also good for buying fish, there is a local shop and a football and basketball court next to it. 
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