There a few places that can match the scope and density of bird life in Tobago. The attitude to maintaining the environment is epitomized by the small island off the coast, Little Tobago. This has been wildlife sanctuary in Tobago since 1924 and can be visited by boat.

There are 430 species of birds in Tobago - of which 250 actually breed on the island. Tanager Ridge Villa is in a prime location to take this opportunity, not least of all to see the blue-grey tanager, which of course our house and area are named after. As owners of the house we have taken a real interest in cultivating the environment, leaving out food and water. As a result Tanager Ridge Villa is a hub of activity, and many hours can be spent observing the hummingbirds as they move from flower to flower

There are plenty of birdwatching guides in Tobago, so please visit for a full list.

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